Tax: Audits, Litigation and Collection

We provide our tax clients with aggressive representation in collection actions, where the government is pursuing you for unpaid taxes…

Tax: Audits, Litigation & Collection

If you are having tax troubles, whether you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing or have done some things you wish you hadn’t, we want to help.

The experienced tax attorneys at Moskowitz, LLP are ready to use their substantial knowledge of tax law and courtroom experience to give you the best possible representation.

Audits and administrative appeals

Our tax attorneys will use their many years of experience in handling

tax audits and administrative appeals

to assert your rights before the IRS and state taxing authorities. We work regularly with IRS revenue agents and IRS appeals officers and appear before Tax Court Judges, and we know what it takes to present your case in the strongest and most compelling way possible.

Captive insurance audit representation

Qualifying captive insurance companies are lawful, even though the IRS has listed them on its “dirty dozen” list. We know what is required to get a captive insurance plan in compliance with federal and state law and can represent you in the event of a

captive insurance audit

or enforcement action.

Penalties and interest

If you have an overdue tax return or tax payment,

penalties and interest

will accrue. We may be able to help you obtain a reduction or waiver of the tax and/or penalties that you need to pay to the IRS, state, and/or local tax authorities.

Collection representation

We provide our tax clients with aggressive representation in

collection actions

, where the government is pursuing you for unpaid taxes, particularly with collection due process hearings connected with liens, levies, and seizures of your property and assets – the right to a collection due process hearing is a powerful tool that has provided many of clients with significant relief. We obtain tax penalty abatements whenever possible, get taxes discharged in bankruptcy, and negotiate Offers in Compromise and Installment Payment Agreements with the IRS, state, and local taxing authorities. We do not hesitate to go to court for tax collection matters whenever that is in our client’s best interests. We also have extensive experience reclaiming properties seized by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies under civil forfeiture laws.

Tax refunds

If you have overpaid your taxes or had penalties incorrectly or unlawfully collected, we can help you obtain a


through an administrative claim or a lawsuit in District Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, or state court.

Tax litigation

We provide skilled and aggressive legal representation for a wide range of

tax litigation

matters, both simple and complex, from individual liability to multinational corporate tax disputes.

Tax audit and tax litigation attorneys

Whether we are litigating a tax controversy or negotiating a settlement, we provide our clients with personal service, efficiency, and professionalism. And most importantly, we strive to understand your situation, and we will adjust our representation to it. Contact us today for a

confidential consultation


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